Plan Features

Here is a copy of the plan:  Shield Shores, Draft Plan of Condominium, Dec 10 2018.

There are 18 building lots from 2.5 acres to over 5 acres in size.  Each lot will have its own well and septic system.  The lots are to be accessed by a new condominium road built to Township standards.  Six of the lots will have their own waterfront, and all lots will have access to the water through a shared waterfront lot.  Each lot is unique but all lots have quality building sites.

This development is a Vacant Land Condominium.  In such a development, people own their own lot (or unit) and build their own house.  Ownership of the roads and the related recreational land is shared.  Each lot has its own well and septic system.  Mortgages can be placed on the individual lots.

The development also includes three blocks of shared recreational land, two roads and two blocks of shared utility land for garbage/recycling/signage.

Block 19 is a piece of recreational land which provides a scenic lookout over the lake from its upper part, and water access to the lake in its lower part.   One of the benefits of a condominium is that it will allow the possibility of shared ownership of things like kayaks, canoes and other items.  The structure of the condominium will allow for the acquisition of future shared assets.

Block 20 is 7.71 acres of parkland with defined walking trails through it.  The main trail (Valley Trail) commences off the road between Units 5 and 17, follows the western property line, descends into a valley following a small watercourse, then rises out of the valley along the northern property line ending up between units 12 and 13.  There is a side loop (Cross Creek Loop) which crosses the watercourse going around the north west corner of the property, and also a route back to the road between Units 14 and 15 (Hillside Trail).  For the most part, the walking is easy, but there are changes in elevation in a few places requiring some effort and care.

Blocks 21 and 22 are located at Wellington Street and are intended to allow any required services such as garbage pick up, recycling and mail delivery.


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