Local Area

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(Shield Shores is the land surrounding the road identified as “Lakeview Pl”, although the road is incorrectly identified.)

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Some notable local features:

Battersea is a community just north of Kingston dating back to  around 1840.  It has long been the base for farmers and fishermen, and is home to a variety of  businesses including the Holiday Country Manor, the Creekside Bar and Grill, Loughborough Lake Marina, and a variety of others.  Many Battersea residents work or go to school in Kingston.

Sunbury and Inverary are small towns less than 10 minutes away.  Seeley’s Bay and Sydenham are less than 20 minutes.

Kingston, with its shopping, hospitals, universities, and recreation facilities is less than a 20 minute drive.  It consistently rates among the best cities in Canada to live in for everyone from millennials to retired people.  Ottawa is less than 2 hours of scenic drive away, or a few days longer by boat along the Rideau Waterway.

Rideau Canal:  Dog Lake is part of the Rideau Canal which is a National Historic Site, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a Canadian Heritage River, making both Kingston and Ottawa accessible by boat.  Jones Falls lockstation is a 20 minute scenic car drive away, and is accessible by boat without passing through any locks.

Shield Shores is located on the Frontenac Arch (also known as the Frontenac Axis), which is an exposed strip of billion year old Precambrian rock linking the Canadian Shield with the Adirondack Mountains.  The Frontenac Arch Biosphere is recognized by UNESCO as a World Biosphere Reserve for its rich natural environment and history.

Dog Lake has both a boat launch  (known as the Shipyards) and public beach within walking distance of Shield Shores.  There is a Dog Lake Association which works to preserve the natural beauty of the lake as well as being a source of information about it.

Loughborough Lake is accessible from a boat launch in Battersea village and one on nearby Lower Round Lake Road.

There are at least three nearby trails that pass through South Frontenac:  the Cataraqui Trail, the K & P Trail, and the Rideau Trail.

Nearby schools which provide bus service include Storrington Public School, LaSalle Secondary School,  French Immersion schools Rideau Public School, Module Vanier and KCVI in Kingston, and Catholic schools in Kingston Holy Name Catholic School, and Regiopolis Notre Dame.

Nearby churches include Battersea United Church and the Bethel Pentecostal Church.

South Frontenac Township is full of lakes, farms, parks, sports facilities, cycling routes, stores, restaurants, nice people and things to discover.


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